Our business, born in 1927, has always worked in the typical sector of feedeing and so, thanks to this deep experience, it's able to satisfy every need for every kind of request. Moreover we have been working for more than 20 years with foreign lands in a great part of the world. We have a complete assortment of "Food" and no "Food" products and a wide range of vines.

We periodically offer also special supplies that you can buy without limits of quantity, with the advantage that you can always buy large consumption products in the better conditions and of the most important national marks.

Our potential customers, like restaurants, bars, supermarkets, hotels, pizza shop, communities, can take advantage from a convenient service, because our business assure the supply of products of every national mark, of complete requirements like pasta, rice, tins of food, vines, cold cuts, fresh and seasoned dairy products as well as detergents and products for the cleaning. It obuiously avoid waste of time without stocking products in a warehouse, with the consequent advantage; infact we deliver a reasonable quantity of products, right for every firm, also with frequent and careful supplies.

The delivers of the foodstuffs are done with the cooperation of punctual and serious carriers. Perishable products, like dairy products, cold cuts and so on, are delivered with refrigerated means of transport and in brief time.


The warehouse
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